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Ttulos con letra T

Tarjetas de cr
Antonio Javier Pérez Martín
Dykinson Madrid 2013
ISBN: 9788494095306

Tendencias actuales en la ordenaci
León Sanz, F. J. (dir.) | Rodríguez Sánchez, S. | Puy Fernández, G. (coord.)
Dykinson 2009
ISBN: 9788497685696

Tendencias actuales en torno al mercado del cr
Marcial Pons Madrid 2010
ISBN: 9788497687638

Pérez Fernández-Tenllado, Ruperto
Díaz de Santos Madrid 2010
ISBN: 9788479789688

Blanco Ramos, Francisco; Ferrando Bolado, Máximo; Martínez Lobato, María Fuencisla
Pirámide Espa 2015
ISBN: 978-84-368-3307-2

The art of credit derivatives. Demystifying the black swan
Garcia, João
John Wiley & Sons West Sussex 2009
ISBN: 9780470747353

The Bank of England
Capie, Forrest
Cambridge University Press Cambridge 2010
ISBN: 9780521192828

The banking crisis handbook
Gregoriou, Greg N.
Routledge London 2010
ISBN: 9781439818534

The banking sector under financial stability
Indranarain Ramlall
Esmerald Publishing Bingley 2019
ISBN: 9781787696822

The Business of Investment Banking: A Comprehensive Overview
K. Thomas Liaw
John Wiley & Sons Hoboken (New Jersey) 2011
ISBN: 9781118004494

The capital asset pricing model in the 21st Century analitical, empirical, and behavioral perspectives
Levy, Haim
Cambridge University Press Cambridge 2012
ISBN: 9780521186513

The capital needs of Central Banks
Milton, Sue
Routledge London 2010
ISBN: 9780415553285

The complete guide to hedge funds and hedge fund strategies
Capocci, Daniel
Palgrave MacMillan Basingstoke 2013
ISBN: 9781137264435

The Crash of 2008 and what it means the new paradigm for financial markets
Soros, George
Public Affairs Nueva York 2009
ISBN: 9781586486990

The death of capital.
Lewitt, Michael E.
John Wiley & Sons Chichester 2010
ISBN: 9780470466506

The debt-free millionaire. Winning strategies to creating great credit and retiring rich
Manganiello, Anthony
John Wiley & Sons West Sussex 2009
ISBN: 9780470455760

The economics of foreign exchange and global finance
Wang, Peijie
Springer Gmbh & Co. Heildeberg 2009
ISBN: 9783642001062

The economics of large-value payments and settlement. Theory and policy issues for central banks
Manning, Mark
Oxford University Press Oxford 2009
ISBN: 9780199571116

The Economics of Money, Banking and Financial Markets
Mishkin, Frederic S.
Prentice Hall London 2008
ISBN: 9780321422811

The elements of investing
Malkiel, Burton G.
John Wiley & Sons West Sussex 2010
ISBN: 9780470528495

The elements of investing easy lessons for every investor
Malkiel, Burton
John Wiley & Sons Inc West Sussex 2013
ISBN: 9781118484876

The Engine of Enterprise
Rowena Olegario
Harvard University Press Cambridge (MSS) 2016
ISBN: 9780674051140

The ETF handbook
Abner, David J.
John Wiley & Sons Chichester 2010
ISBN: 9780470556825

The Euro in the 21st Century
Lorca-Susino, María
Ashgate Distribution Services Aldershot 2010
ISBN: 9781409404187

The Euro. The politics of the new global currency
Marsh, David
Yale University Press Londres 2009
ISBN: 9780300127300

The Euro.The politics of the new global currency
Marsh, David
Yale University Press New Haven 2010
ISBN: 9780300164008

The exchange-traded funds manual
Gastineau, Gary L.
John Wiley & Sons Surrey 2010
ISBN: 9780470482339

The fall of the house of credit
Milne, Alistair
Cambridge University Press Cambridge 2009
ISBN: 9780521762144

The Future of Central Banking. The tercentenary Symposium of the Bank of England
Cambridge University Press Cambridge 2008
ISBN: 9780521065467

The future of finance
Choudhry, Moorad
John Wiley & Sons Chichester 2010
ISBN: 9780470572290

The future of global currency
Cohen, Benjamin J.
Routledge London 2010
ISBN: 9780415781503

The future of hedge fund investing
Churchill, Craig
John Wiley & Sons West Sussex 2010
ISBN: 9780470537442

The Future of the EMU
Talani, L. S.
Palgrave Basingstoke 2009
ISBN: 9780230218413

The great credit crash
Konings, Martijn
Verso Books London 2010
ISBN: 9781844674312

The handbook of alternative assets
Temple, Peter
Harriman House Petersfield 2010
ISBN: 9781906659219

The industrial organization of banking. Bank behavior, market structure, and regulation
Van Hoose, David
Springer Gmbh & Co. Heidelberg 2010
ISBN: 9783642028205

The international dictionary of personal finance
Rider, A.J.
Global Professional Publishing Kent 2010
ISBN: 9781906403065

The Law and practice of documentary letters of credit
Ellinger, Peter
Hart Publishing Oxford 2009
ISBN: 9781841136738

The Law and Practice of International Banking
Charles Proctor
Oxford University Press Oxford 2010
ISBN: 978-0-19-929186-1

The Law of corporate finance
Mäntysaari, Petri
Springer Gmbh & Co. Berlin 2009
ISBN: 9783642027499

The Law of institutional investment management
Lodewijk Van
Oxford University Press Oxford 2009
ISBN: 9780199285013

The Law of Majority shareholder power. Use and abuse
David Chivers ...
Oxford University Press Reino Unido 2017
ISBN: 9780198786320

The Law of Payment Services in the EU. The EC Directive on Payment Services in the internal market
Mavromati, Despina
Kluwer Law International Zuidpoolsingel 2008
ISBN: 9789041127006

The Law of Security and Title-Based Financing
Hugh Beale, Michael Bridge, Louise Gullifer, y Eva Lomnicka
Oxford Press Oxford 2012
ISBN: 978-0-19-960872-0

The little book of alternative investment
Stein, Ben
John Wiley & Sons Chichester 2011
ISBN: 9780470920046

The little book of hedge funds
Scaramucci, Anthony
John Wiley & Sons, Inc. New York 2012
ISBN: 9781118099674

The little book of market myths
Fisher, Ken
John Wiley & Sons Inc New Jersey 2013
ISBN: 9781118445013

The management of consumer credit
Finlay, Steven
Palgrave Hampshire 2010
ISBN: 9780230238305

The MiFID revolution
Casey, Jean-Pierre
Cambridge University Press Cambridge 2009
ISBN: 9780521518635

The New Lombard Street
Mehrling, Perry
Princeton University Press Oxford 2010
ISBN: 9780691143989

The new value investing how to apply behavioral finance to stock valuation techniques and build a winning Portfolio
Howard, C. Thomas
Harriman House Publishing Hampshire 2015
ISBN: 9780857193933

The Origin of Financial. Central banks, credit bubbles and the efficient market fallacy
Cooper, George
Vintage Books New York 2008
ISBN: 9780307473455

The Origins of Financial Crises. Central banks, credit bubbles and the efficient market fallacy
Cooper, George
Harriman House Petersfield 2008
ISBN: 9781905641857

The Oxford handbook of banking
Berger, Allen N.
Oxford University Press Oxford 2009
ISBN: 9780199236619

The Oxford handbook of credit derivatives
Lipton, Alexander
Oxford University Press Oxford 2011
ISBN: 9780199546787

The Oxford handbook of venture capital
Cumming, Douglas J.
Oxford University Press New York 2012
ISBN: 9780195391596

The Palgrave Macmillan dictinary of finance, investment and banking
Banks, Erik
Palgrave Londres 2010
ISBN: 9780230238299

The Palgrave Macmillan dictionary of finance, investment and banking
Banks, Erik
Palgrave London 2010
ISBN: 9780230238299

The Past and Future of Central Bank Cooperation
Borio, Claudio
Cambridge University Press Cambridge 2008
ISBN: 9780521877794

The perfect prey. The fall of Abn Amro,or what went wrong in the banking industry
Smit, Jeroen
Quercus London 2010
ISBN: 9781849162685

The pillars of Finance
Fraser-Sampson, Guy
Palgrave MacMillan Basingstoke 2014
ISBN: 9781137264053

The practical guide to Wall Street
Tagliani, Matthew
John Wiley & Sons New Jersey 2009
ISBN: 9780470383728

The purpose of banking
Thakor, Anjan V.
Oxford University Press Oxford 2019
ISBN: 9780190919535

The quants
Patterson, Scott
Crown Pub New York 2010
ISBN: 9780307453372

The rating agencies and their credit ratings. What they are, how they work, and why they are relevant
Langohr, Herwig
John Wiley & Sons Chichester 2008
ISBN: 9780470018002

The Regulatory Response to the Financial Crisis
Goodhart, Charles A.E.
Edward Elgar Publishing Cheltenham 2009
ISBN: 9781848444515

The risk-wise investor
Carpenter, Michael T.
John Wiley & Sons West Sussex 2009
ISBN: 9780470478837

The Routledge handbook of global public policy and administration
Authors from Europe, Asia, North and South America, Africa and Australia.
Routledge London 2016
ISBN: 9781138845220

The science and practice of monetary policy today
Wieland, Volker
Springer Gmbh & Co. Heidelberg 2009
ISBN: 9783642029523

The supervisory jurisdiction over trust administration
Daniel Clarry
Oxford University Press Oxford, Reino Unido 2019
ISBN: 9780198813651

The theory and empirics of exchange rates
Moosa, Imad A.
World Scientific Publishing Londres 2009
ISBN: 9789812839534

The trade lifecycle.
Baker, Robert
John Wiley & Sons Surrey 2010
ISBN: 9780470685914

The two trillion dollar meltdown
Morris, Charles R.
Public Affairs New York 2009
ISBN: 9781586486914

The UK banking system and its regulatory and supervisory framework
Gola, C.
Palgrave Hampshire 2009
ISBN: 9780230542822

The ultra high net worth bankers handbook
Weber, Heinrich
Harriman House Petersfield 2009
ISBN: 9781905641758

The Value of Money
Patnaik, Prabhat
Columbia University Press Nueva York 2009
ISBN: 9780231146760

The VaR modeling handbook. Practical applications in alternative investing, banking, insurance, and portfolio management.
Gregoriou, Greg N.
Mcgraw-Hill Publishing Co. New York 2009
ISBN: 9780071625159

The venture capital investment process
Klonowski, Darek
Palgrave Hampshire 2010
ISBN: 9780230612884

The Wall Street Journal guide to the end of Wall Street as we know it
Kansas, D.
Marcial Pons New York 2009
ISBN: 9780061788406

The world of private banking
Cassis, Youssef
Ashgate Distribution Services Hampshire 2009
ISBN: 9781859284322

Theory and Practice of Corporate Governance: An Integrated Approach
Bloomfield, Stephen
ISBN: 978-1107612242

Todo Seguros
Campos Moral, J.
Ciss 2011
ISBN: 9788499541822

Todo Seguros
Campos Moral, Jorge / Solá Fernández, Francisco
CISS, Colección TODO Madrid 2012
ISBN: 9788499544045

Ortega Carballo, Enrique
Ciss Valencia 2011
ISBN: 9788499542577

Tolleys National Insurance Contributions: 2010-11: Main Annual
Jon Golding , Peter Arrowsmith
Lexis Nexis Londres 2010
ISBN: 13: 9780754538882

Too big to fail. The hazards of bank bailouts
Stern, Gary H.
The Brookings Institution Washington D.F. 2009
ISBN: 9780815703044

Trade Mark Law and sharing names
Fhima, Ilanah Simon
Edward Elgar Publishing Cheltenham 2009
ISBN: 9781847202796

Trade options online
Fontanills, George A.
John Wiley & Sons New Jersey 2009
ISBN: 9780470336021

Trading options in turbulent markets master uncertainty through active volatility management
Shover, Larry
Bloomberg Press New York. Estados Unidos de Norteam 2013
ISBN: 9781118343548

Transnational organized crime
Madsen, Frank G.
Routledge Londres 2009
ISBN: 9780415464994

Tratado de Derecho de la competencia
Aranzadi Pamplona 2013
ISBN: 9788490140840

Tratado de Derecho Mercantil. Las entidades de cr
López Ortega, R.
Dykinson 2009
ISBN: 9788497686211

Tratado de Derecho mercantil. T.XXXIX. Las entidades de cr
García-Pita y Lastres, J.L.
Marcial Pons Madrid 2009
ISBN: 9788497685245

Tratado de la SOCIMI. Un análisis multidisciplinar del REIT español
Calzada Criado, D.; Lucas Chinchilla, J.L. (dirs)
Aranzadi Pamplona 2018
ISBN: 9788491974291

Tratado del contrato de seguro
Veiga Copo
Civitas 2009
ISBN: 978-84-470-3318-8


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